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Fever Pitch is the title of a 1992 book by British author Nick Hornby. The book is the basis for two films of the same name: a British film was released in 1997, and an American remake in 2005. There is also an unrelated 1985 movie Fever Pitch, starring Ryan O'Neal.


Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby was first published in 1992. It is autobiographical, telling the story of the author's relationship with football (soccer) and with Arsenal Football Club in particular. It consists of a large number of short essays, each focused on a single match between 1968 and 1992. As well as recounting Arsenal's highs and lows, Hornby relates them to his own tumultuous personal life, musing both on his worship of Arsenal heroes such as Liam Brady, and the fate of infamous failures such as Gus Caesar.

Fever Pitch sold over a million copies in the United Kingdom. It has been seen as something of a turning point in the public perception of football, making an interest in the game acceptable, even fashionable, in educated and literary circles.

1997 movie

A 1997 film version of Fever Pitch, with a screenplay adapted by Hornby himself, fictionalised the story, concentrating on Arsenal's First Division championship-winning season in 1988-89 and its effect on the protagonist's romantic relationship. Colin Firth played "Paul Ashworth", the character based on Hornby.

2002 FIFA World Cup Album

The music division of Sony launched a music album celebrating the edition of the 2002 FIFA World Cup called "Fever Pitch" featuring Anastasia , Vangelis with the official anthem of the tournament, Nelly Furtado , Safri Duo and others.

2005 movie

A 2005 film remake of Fever Pitch, directed by the Farrelly Brothers with Hornby as an executive producer, starred Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. In this adaptation of the first film's fictionalized version of the book, the action is moved from London to Boston, the focus of the protagonist's obsession is shifted from football to baseball, and the story centers on the Boston Red Sox season in 2004 which culminated with the club's first Major League Baseball World Series victory in 86 years.


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